اولین و کامل ترین منبع کنکور زبان برداشتن مطالب تنها با ذکر منبع مجاز است
چهارشنبه 18 آذر‌ماه سال 1388

با سلام

مهمترین درس شما زبان تخصصی است در حین این که عمومی هایتان را تقویت می کنید. یکی از موارد مهم در زبان تخصصی هم درک مطلب است که حدود 15 سوال را به خودش اختصاص داده است. 3 درک مطلب در سطح تافل به شما داده می شود. که برای پاسخ دادن به آن ها باید مواردی را رعایت کنید که اصول پاسخ گویی به درک مطلب است. برای اینکه بتوانید از پس سوالات متن بر بیایید باید قبلا آن قدر تمرین کرده باشید که تسلط کافی را برای پاسخ گویی پیدا کرده باشید و اگر متن تان مشکل بود و کلمات جدید زیادی داشت، بدانید بدون اینکه آشفتگی ذهنی پیدا کنید، چگونه مفهوم کلی متن و جملات و کلمات کلیدی را تشخیص دهید و درک کنید. سعی می کنم درک مطلب های مختلف در سطوح گوناگون را برایتان قرار بدهم.

اما برای حل سوالات درک مطلب می توانید از روش زیر استفاده کنید:

1)      ابتدا بایستی سوالات را بخوانیم و جلو هر سوال به اختصار چیزی را که خواسته شده است را بنویسیم.

2)      متن را می خوانیم و درحالیکه نیم نگاهی به سوالات داریم، کلمات مربوط به هر سوال را علامت گذاشته و شماره ی سوال را بالای آن می گذاریم.

3)      آنچه از درک مطلب استنباط می کنیم در یک جمله خلاصه می کنیم.

4)      حدود 15 ثانیه بر روی کلمات کلیدی متن و سوالات تمرکز می کنیم و جواب سوالات را انتخاب می کنیم.


During the period of urban expansion following the Civil War, speculative builders discovered a bonanza in the form of the row house. Designed for single family occupancy, these dwellings cost relatively little to construct because they shared common walls with their neighbors and because many could be erected side by side on a narrow street frontage. Along New York’s gridiron of streets and avenues rose block after block of row houses, which, by the 1880, were almost invariably faced with brownstone. In contrast, wooden row houses on the West Coast appeared light and airy with their coats of bright paint. San Francisco developed a particularly successful row vernacular, suitable for rich and poor alike, as typified by clusters of homes like the Rountree group, which featured Queen Anne elements in their pitched roofs and heavily decorated exteriors. Although critics likened the facades of such structures to the “puffing, paint, and powder of our female friends,” the houses were efficiently planned, sanitary, and well-lighted. Virtually every dwelling boasted one or more bay windows, which were as important to sun-loving San Franciscans as brownstone fronts were to New Yorkers. As an English traveler observed, California architecture, “with all the windows gracefully leaping out at themselves,” should rightly be called the “bay-window order”.

1)      The main purpose of the author in this passage is

(a)    To contrast two versions of similar architectural form

(b)   To persuade people to live in row houses

(c)    To argue for the excellence of California row houses

(d)   To describe early housing in urban areas

2)      The phrase “a bonanza” in line 2 is closest in meaning to

a)      A confusing choice

b)      A difficult challenge

c)       An exciting design

d)      A good investment

3)      The phrase “almost invariably” in line5 is closest in meaning to

a)      Usually

b)      Seldom

c)       Sometimes

d)      Never

4)      According to the passage, why did speculative builders profit from row houses?

a)      Because they cost very little to build

b)      Because they were for single families

c)       Because they were well-constructed

d)      Because they were attractive

5)      All of the following can be inferred about row houses from the passage Except

a)      They provided for high-density housing

b)      They housed people of different economic classes

c)       They provided a new and popular form of architectural design

d)      They had no front yards

6)      The phrase “such structures” in line10 refers to

a)      West coast wooden row houses

b)      Poor people’s houses

c)       The homes in the Rountree group

d)      Queen Anne’s home

7)      What can be inferred from the passage about New York houses?

a)      They were less colorful than row houses on the West Coast

b)      They were windowless

c)       They were smaller than California houses

d)      They were less similar in appearance than row houses in California

8)      Critics of California row houses commented on their

a)      Excessive use of bay windows

b)      Ostentatious decoration

c)       Repetitive nature

d)      Lack of light

9)      The word “boasted” in line11 is used to indicate the owners

a)      Skill

b)      Wealth

c)       Intelligence

d)      Pride

10)   The author of the passage implies that the most important feature for Californians living in row houses was

a)      The color

b)      The price

c)       The windows

d)      The heavily decorated exteriors



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