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دوشنبه 30 آذر‌ماه سال 1388
strategies in comprehending a short passage

 سلام دوستان عزیز 

با توجه به اینکه دومین متنی که براتون قرار داده بودم متن مشکلی بود یکی از دوستان عزیز چند روش بسیار خوب و کارسازی رو برای فهمیدن چنین متن هایی درواقع درک مطلب پیشنهاد کردن و برای من فرستادن. همچنین زحمت کشیدن و مفاهیم کلمات ناآشنا رو هم توضیح دادن که در اینجا من براتون قرار می دم. با تشکر فراوان از دوست عزیز امیر صدرا درخشان. 


:strategies in comprehending a short passage



-         In order to think, we first need the language to think; so in order  to  comprehend an English text, you have to think in English, not your mother tongue.  

-       You’d better divide the process of reading into three phases: (a) Reading the whole story, in order to understand the main idea of the passage, (b) reading again, but this time underlining the “main” words, phrases or anything you don’t understand, (c) reading again, and this time trying to first guess and then checking the things you don’t know in a “monolingual” dictionary, like Oxford, Merriam- Webster, Longman, Macmillan, Cambridge, etc.  

-       Be well aware that each and every paragraph has got a main idea, and some supporting ideas; so try hard to understand them, and you can also write them as marginal notes.  

-       Be patient! If you don’t fully understand the whole message at first, you’ll get familiar with the text as you progress, and every time you read it. 


 It is natural if you even don’t know the meanings of thirty words, and some idioms in a passage. It is your ability to manage the situation that counts. You should handle the situation...  

Now, I’m going to explain the new words for you. But, keep in mind: Not all the words are actually essential to understand the text!  

-       lifeline: a person/thing that you depend on

-       herb: a plant used as a medicine

-       knock-knee: legs that bend toward each other on the knee, like this:  ( )

-       overnight: in a short time

-       foolproof: well designed

-       macerate/mæsereit/: to make food soft by leaving it in a liquid

-       tincture: a medical substance mixed with alcohol

-       lubricate: to put oil on the parts of sth to make them move more smoothly

-       ligament: a part inside your body that holds bones together

-       deposit: a layer of substance that gradually develops in a particular place

-       vaginitis/væ…/: inflammation of the vagina

-       acute: becoming very bad very quickly


by: Amir Sadra Derakhshan 


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