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hair loss


 hair loss:


As you know, most of you at some point will start experiencing hair loss. There are some of you that became bald in your twenties or thirties. But most you, you will lose your hair gradually and then one day you will notice your hair thinning in one area. This occurs because as you age your health deteriorates.

Poor health and hair loss

There are quite a few areas that are related to hair loss. But in general they are all tied together in a fine puzzle. The major reason for hair loss that I discovered was poor health, both physical and psychological. When you are in poor health, you will exhibit numerous symptoms and one that becomes obvious is hair loss.

The extreme poor health condition is when people are subjected to chemotherapy. All of the body systems are poisoned creating massive poor health. All hair is lost.

Hair loss and the endocrine system

Hair loss relates to your body's endocrine system. It is these organs, thyroid, adrenal, thymus, and pancreas that control the function of your body's health by the hormones that they release. One hormone that controls hair loss and hair growth is testosterone.

Hair loss and testosterone

Testosterone is frequently converted to a substance call DHT by a specific enzyme. It is DHT that affects hair growth by disturbing your hair's follicle and destroying it. When the endocrine organs fail to control testosterone there is an excess, much of this excess is converted to DHT.

Women also have testosterone but this is balanced by the high level o estrogen that they have. But when the estrogen balance is upset, women will see hair loss because of more testosterone in their blood.

Diet and hair loss

The food you eat also determines how much testosterone is created in your body. It is important to eat a special type of natural diet to maintain healthy organs that can keep a hormonal balance in your body, so that you have good body health.

When you are not in the best of health and use various types of medication, your hormones are out of balance and your body is in need of nutritional help. It is the vitamins and minerals that help the body rebalance it self, but it is best that these nutrients come from raw food. This is why a colon and blood cleanse is important to do to give your body some help in providing nutrients and giving it a rest from processing heavy foods.

Stress and hair loss

Then there is stress. This is a real hair killer. Stress uses up a lot of your vitamins and minerals. Your body protects you from stress by releasing cortisone and by adjusting your hormone levels to an un-natural condition. Stress creates an imbalance in your hormones and now your hair loss increases and your health starts to deteriorate.

The one thing I realized as I researched why I experience hair loss 15 years ago is that if you seek to improve your health in a natural way, your health gets better and your hair loss stops and maybe you may even grow some hair back.



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